Welcome to the Family Wellness Center

When the opportunity came my way to purchase and revitalize the once vacant 2 1/2 acre facility in Leonardo Estates, it was the realization of a dream that I had since becoming a Chiropractic physician 21 years ago.  I've always had the vision of creating a postive and encouraging environment for entire families to come to stay well together.  I remember visualizing this "office of my dreams" while I was in Chiropractic college and I wrote in my journal all of the specifics of this special place. It would be a place where parents would bring their children and their kids would be  excited to see the "doctor". There would be a room for children to hang out and express themselves while waiting for their turn to be adjusted.  They would be having fun rather than having to sit quietly in a formal waiting area.  It would be a place that would provide Chiropractic care and spinal check ups for individuals of all ages -from grandparents to grandchildren.  I would also be a place that treated patients like they were family. It would have a relaxing waiting room and be free of the institutional barriers that you commonly see in doctors offices- NO  glass windows at the front desk to keep clients from communicating with my assistants and NO closed treatment rooms where clients had to sit alone while they were waiting for care.   We would do our best to make care as affordable as possible and insurance would not be necessary to be able to afford treatment at this office. Clients would visit on a regular schedule to have their spine checked so they could stay well rather than to get well.


At The Family Wellness Center we offer more than Chiropractic care that improves health and provides pain relief without drugs. We offer a family friendly environment with individuals that truly care about those that come to our office.  We look forward to meeting you and welcome you to be a part of our Wellness Center Family.

Thank you,


Dina Zanetti DeBolt DC




Your decision to adopt a healthy lifestyle is perhaps the most important choice you will ever make.  The Family Wellness Center offers more than chiropractic care that improves health and provides pain relief without drugs.  We offer the following wellness amenities.


Massage Therapy -Whether you are looking for relaxation or a therapeutic massage, we have several therapists available to serve you. You can call the office to schedule an appointment.


Ocala Martial Arts - Instructed by Jorge Resto


Personal Trainers - Bakari Brown of Allfit Personal Training

                               Kevin Brown of Vital Training


Beach Volleyball - Home of Ocala Beach Volleyball Club.

                             Offering Adult nights of open courts and programs for juniors.


Call the main number at the Wellness Center for more information regarding these services. 352 624-2337


Conference Room/Party Room

Are you looking for a place to hold that next birthday party, bridal shower, organization or business meeting?  We have a 1500 sq ft conference/meeting room available for rent.



Family Wellness Center


4817 NE 2nd Loop, Ocala, Fl  34470 

Chiropractic Office Hours

These are Dr. Dina's Open Adjusting times.  You do not need an appointment to come in to be adjusted.
Monday - 12:00-6:30
Tuesday -  3:00-6:30
Wednesday - 12:00-6:30
Thursday - 12:00-6:30
Friday - 12:00-6:30
Saturday - 9am-10am *by appt
Sunday- 5pm-7pm
Earlier appt times available by appointment.
If you have an emergency, please call the office and we will work to accommodate your needs.


Wellness Workshops

Each month the Wellness Center will be scheduling Wellness Workshops to help improve our emotional well being.
Please check back for our next scheduled Workshop.