FAQ's about The Family Wellness Center


Q. What is this place?

A.  Many years ago, the property was built to be a community center for individuals that lived in and around the neighborhood. It was not owned by the neighborhood as there were no Homeowners Associations or HOA fees to support the property. It was built with the intention that residents would volunteer thier time to work at the facility and it could be used by the community. Conceptually this may have seemed like a good idea but realistically that plan did not work to upkeep and maintain the property.


Q. What's that big building in the back?

A. The big building in the back is what used to be the first two indoor racquetball courts in Ocala. Many professionals would frequent the property and had keys so the could acess the property at their convienence.

Presently the back building has been converted into two personal trainin gyms. One that is used by trainer Bakari Brown and the other is used as a training center for Ocala Beach Volleyball Club with trainers Kevin Brown  and Kris Back.


Q. What was this property before it became the Family Wellness Center?

A. The facility has had several tenants and there are quite a few people living in Ocala that have fond memories of their times at the facility. We often hear stories of how someones kids learned to swim here, they were married here or used to attend dance recitals.  It was formerly Windmeadows Racquetball Club, the home of Mary Ellens School of Dance, Royal Palms Tennis Club and lastly a daycare. The last occupant experienced a fire which destroyed the main building. The building was not occupied for 3 years after the fire.


Q. After the property burned down, what happened?

A. The property sat vacant and become a destination for young kids and vandals in the area. A silent auction was held in an effort to sell the property but there wasn't a single buyer to show up at the auction. Neighbors tried to come together to purchase the property but were unsuccessful in their attempt. So the building continued to sit vacant and deteriorate as time went on.


Q. Why is there a Wellness Center in a neighborhood?

A.  This would not be Dr Dina's first choice to build her dream office.   She would drive by the facility on a daily basis when she went to visit her parents that lived down the street from the center. She would notice the property and it's potential to be a positive place in the community, so she took on the challenge to purchase and revitalize the property.


Q. When did she purchase the property?

A. Dr Dina purchased the property in 2003.  The property was completely destroyed by the fire and everything needed to be rebuilt to open the facility to the public.  It took over 6 months to remodel the proeprty. Her first day to see clients in the office was over 11 years ago on November 26th, 2003.


Q. What services does the facility offer?

A. Chiropractic Care is offered by Dr DeBolt. Along side of her are many services that are related to optimal health and wellness. Presently the Wellness Center offers Massage Therapy, Personal Trainers, Martial Arts, Yoga, Swimming Lessons and a Beach Volleyball Program. It is also a meeting place for Le Leche, Youth Groups and private parties.


Q. Is there a membership fee to use the facility?

A.  No, services and classes at the Wellness Center are specific to each business owner. Each business has their own individual fees and you will work with each business owner independently.


Q. Who do we contact if we'd like information about the services provided at the Wellness Center?

A. You can call the Wellness Center at the main number, 352 624-2337, and the will help you with any questions.




The Family Wellness Center... where wellness is a lifestyle.

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Chiropractic Office Hours

These are Dr. Dina's Open Adjusting times.  You do not need an appointment to come in to be adjusted.
Monday - 12:00-6:30
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Wednesday - 12:00-6:30
Thursday - 3:00-6:30
Friday - 12:00-6:30
Saturday - 9am-10am *by appt
Sunday- 5pm-7pm
Earlier appt times available by appointment.
If you have an emergency, please call the office and we will work to accommodate your needs.


Wellness Workshops

Each month the Wellness Center will be scheduling Wellness Workshops to help improve our emotional well being.
Please check back for our next scheduled Workshop.