Q. When does the beach volleyball season start?

A. Most tournament series will start in March and run thru September.

- Rockstar Beach Volleyball host tournaments year round in St Pete.

-SSOVA, FBVT will host tournaments thru December



Q. How can I find out which tournaments are available to enter?

A. You can google tournament sites to see their upcoming schedule.


Q. What are some of the most popular tournaments that players from Ocala enter?

A. Florida Elite Beach Volleyball out of Daytona Beach. This is a great tournament series for a


   Dig The Beach - This tour will have tournaments hosted in Ft Lauderdale, Ft Meyers, Siesta

   Key, Clearwater and St Augustine.

SSOVA -tournaments held at Pier 60 in Clearwater. (very competitive tournament)

First Coast Beach Volleyball - Jacksonville

FBVT - tournaments held at Ft Lauderdale Beach and Hollywood Beach

   Sandbox - Cocoa Beach (this sand is dark and gets very hot in the summer)


Q. How many days are tournaments?

A. One.

On Saturday- Adult Men and Women Divisions

On Sunday, Juniors and Coed


Q. Can an athlete play on Saturday and Sunday?

A. Absolutely! Jrs are welcome to enter the adult division on Saturday.

   Remember that they can not take a monetary prize for more than their tournament entry



Q. Do I need a partner to train at Ocala Beach Volleyball Club?

A. No. As you continue to play and practice, you will meet players and find a partner.



Q. Do I have to play with the same partner all season?

A. No. When you are new to beach volleyball, we discourage picking a partner and playing

with that person all season.


Q. What do I need to wear and bring to practice?

A. You should dress comfortably for practice. Some players will wear spandex and some will

   wear athletic shorts. If it is cold, long tights help keep a player warm. (we do not practice

   in bathing suits)

   We recommend that you bring plenty of water and bring a pair of sunglasses or a hat.


Q. Do I need sand sox to play beach volleyball?

A. Yes. You will not use them at every tournament but when the sand gets hot (or cold) you

   will be happy that you have a pair in your bag. They are also helpful when you play at a

   beach where the courts have small shells.


Q. In case of bad weather, how will I know if practice is cancelled?

A. You will be sent a text or you can call the Wellness Center, 624-2337, and ask for the

   status of beach practice.        


Q. Do I need to be registered with AAU or USAV to play in a beach tournament?

     AAU- Daytona Beach requires AAU membership.

     USAV- Dig the Beach, SSOVA and FBVT require a USAV membership to participate.

     Rockstar Volleyball only requires that you are registered with volleyameria.com if you want points.


Q. Does my AAU registration need to be with Ocala Beach Volleyball?

A. No. To play beach volleyball you do not need to be registered/associated with a beach

   volleyball club.


Q. Am I responsible to register my team for a beach tournament?

A. Yes. You will need to have your partners AAU or USAV information to register your team

   online. Some tournaments require that you register in advance to guarantee a court and

   chance to play in the tournament. You may be asked to pay online or bring cash the day of

   the tournament.


Q. What is the cost of a beach tournament?

A.   This will depend on the tournament.

   Last year, Dig The Beach was $70 per team, $35per player.

     Florida Elite -$30 team/$15per player, Rockstar is $50 per team/$25 per player.


Q. Will I have a uniform or team suit that I will wear to a tournament?

A. No. Each team will decide what they would like to wear to a tournament. A team does not

   have to match.



Q. How long does a tournament last?

A. That will depend on how many teams and pools are entered in the tournament. Some

   tournaments will take the top 2 or 3 teams after pool play. (You could be done by noon or



Q. Will my team need to referee in a beach tournament?

A. Yes. However being the referee means sitting mid court in the sand and keeping track of

   the score and who is serving. You will also have "off" times during pool play. If a team

   makes it out of pool play, games may be back to back without a break.


Q. If it is raining or windy, will the tournament be cancelled?

A. No. Of course it is more enjoyable to play on a sunny day but a scheduled tournament

   will be held if it is rainy or windy. If there is lightning, games will be delayed until the

   directors feel it is safe to play. Tournament directors will do whatever possible to finish a

tournament in the case of bad weather.                


Q. Will practice be held if it is raining?

A. That depends on how bad it is raining. If it is sprinkling, we will have practice. We may

   need to take a few breaks if the rain is intermittent. If it has been pouring all day and there

   are puddles on the court, practice will be cancelled. Even though play would continue for a

   tournament, we do not like to hold practice in the heavy rain. The balls get heavy and it

   can cause shoulder injuries.


Q. What personal items do I need to bring to a beach tournament?

A. You should always bring plenty of water, healthy snacks, sun block, sunglasses, hat,

towel and something to provide some shade. Some people like to set up an EZ-UP tent and

   some bring umbrellas. It is also a good idea to bring a small umbrella to set up mid court

   for when your team is keeping score.


Q. Do I need to bring a volleyball to the tournaments?

A. Yes. Each team should have a ball that they will use to during a tournament.

   Your ball should be a King of the Beach Volleyball and it should be clearly marked.


Q. Will I have a coach when I enter a tournament?

A. No. A team is responsible for figuring out a strategy for each match.    

   Coach will attend some tournaments but he is not allowed to coach you during a game.

   Parents and fans are not allowed to coach from the sidelines as well. They are encouraged

to cheer but can not coach.

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