FWC Chiropractic Care... helping families stay well together.

Chiropractic is an approach to total health that uses no drugs or surgery, but provides a more natural physical and emotional balance which, in turn, promotes overall good health. FWC offers this innovative approach to healthcare in a relaxing, caring atmosphere.


At FWC we specialize in helping patients of all ages and disabilities. Children as well as adults can find relief through FWC chiropractic care.



Are you interested in a personal consultation?

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Family Wellness Center


4817 NE 2nd Loop, Ocala, Fl  34470 

Chiropractic Office Hours

These are Dr. Dina's Open Adjusting times.  You do not need an appointment to come in to be adjusted.
Monday - 12:00-6:30
Tuesday -  3:00-6:30
Wednesday - 12:00-6:30
Thursday - 3:00-6:30
Friday - 12:00-6:30
Saturday - 9am-10am *by appt
Sunday- 5pm-7pm
Earlier appt times available by appointment.
If you have an emergency, please call the office and we will work to accommodate your needs.


Wellness Workshops

Each month the Wellness Center will be scheduling Wellness Workshops to help improve our emotional well being.
Please check back for our next scheduled Workshop.