Family Wellness Center


3250 SE 58th Ave, Suite D

Ocala, Florida 34480

Chiropractic Office Hours

Dr. Dina's Open Adjusting times.  You do not need an appointment to come in to be adjusted.
Monday - Closed
Tuesday -  3:00-6:30 pm
Wednesday - 7:00-9:00 am
                      3:00-6:30 pm
Thursday - 3:00-6:30
Friday - 7:00-9:00
Saturday - 9:00-12:00
Sunday - Closed
Earlier appt times available by appointment.
If you have an emergency, please text 352 362-1993. 


Wellness Workshops

Each month the Wellness Center will be scheduling Wellness Workshops to help improve our emotional well being.
Please check back for our next scheduled Workshop.